Sight Reading

• Sight read every day.

• Play lots of unfamiliar, simple music.

• Before you play:

1.Key signature

2.Time signature or meter


4. Style

5. Overall Structure

a. sections with repeats or endings.

b. D.S.'s or D.C.'s

c. changes in key, meter, tempo, style

d. temporary tempo changes such as rallentando, a tempo.

6. Stylistic markings

a. accent, staccato, legato, etc.

b. articulation patterns (slur 2, tongue 2, etc.)

c. dynamic

d. ornamentation

7. Rhythmic patterns

8. Scale Patterns

9. Accidentals

• Play slowly.

• Look ahead.

• Keep the beat going.

• Hit a few wrong notes rather than hesitate, stutter or stop.